Sami (zgirl714) wrote in fandom_charity,

Indonesia Earthquake Relief

Hi! I'd love to write fics or make graphics in exchange for donations to the Indonesia Quake relief.

Send me images, text that you would like, and what color scheme that you want or just tell me the pairing and fandom and I'll just run with it. The going rate seems to be a $1 for icons (I can't do animated) and $5 for wallpapers and banners. Here are some examples of my work Wallpapers and Icons.

I write in the following fandoms; BtVS, AtS, Harry Potter, Charmed, Tru Calling, Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Narnia, and The Mummy. I'm very flexible in pairings, I only decline to write sibling/parent incest and chan. Threesome are fine. Crack!fics are cool, too as well as crossovers. If you want me to have Darla and Angelus meet up with the first Halliwell women before having a threesome with young Dumbledore then that is super. Or if you just want me to turn Dean into a cat and Sam into a girl then way to go, I'll write it. Both of those would be fun. Slash, femslash, het, and gen are all spectacular. Any genre is good, I like adventure fics a lot. I've written Oz/Ethan, Eve/Dawn, Ardeth/Evie, The Seer/Leo, Tru/Jack, and Ginny/Oliver so I can write non-canon pairings. Take a look at my fanfic goods, fanfic. $1 for every 100 words.

Website Layout and Coding
If you have a personal site that you would like to spiff up then I can help you. I've been fiddling with websites since 1999! I like using PHP (but if you have Geocities or the like PHP won't work) and I can make graphics. I can help you set up a easy stylesheet with directions that will show you how to change the layout yourself. After I finish your layout, I'll load you up with links to tutorial sites that can help you learn more HTML. All I ask on this one is just a note that I made it. Check out mycollective. That would be like a $15 sort of thing.

Donations can go to the Red Cross.
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