ghettopeach (ghettopeach) wrote in fandom_charity,

For Haiti earthquake relief

As you probably know, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake that destroyed its capital of Port-au-Prince, left tens to hundreds of thousands of people dead, and stranded survivors without access to food, water, and medical supplies. For your donation dollars, I will happily write fanfics for any of the following fandoms:

*Doctor Who (9 & 10)
*Star Trek (any)
*Babylon 5
*Harry Potter
*Thursday Next
*How I Met Your Mother
*Arrested Development
*Burn Notice
*Red Dwarf

I am also open to other fandoms if I am familiar with them. (Feel free to ask!) I can roll with crossovers. Gen, het, slash, and femmeslash are all okay. Open to threesomes. Writing can range from humorous to heartbreaking. You can see samples of my work here and on my LJ.

$1 per 100 words requested.
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