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Earthquake In Indonesia

A massive earthquake struck Indonesia earlier this morning, leaving as many as 3,000 people dead and over 2,500 people wounded.

Basic information regarding the disaster can be found at CNN's initial report: Indonesia Struck By Catastrophic Quake, and at the BBC's coverage here: Indonesia Quake Toll Passes 3,000

Some countries have already committed to aid packages, but of course more money will be needed as survivors continue to be discovered, field hospitals become filled with patients, and the after-effects of the calamity go into motion (food, shelter, need for medical supplies and upkeep of safe havens for displaced persons). Medical care teams are already swamped by demand, and patients are being treated and kept outside because there is no bedspace.

Additionally, it is possible that volcanic activity may be set into motion by the quake, and if that occurs inevitably there will be more property damage, more victims, more need for care and comfort. Even without that potential outcome, a number of buildings are threatening to partially collapse or crumble because structures have been severely damaged by the quake.

Please consider some ways you might help:

  • Offer to donate with a request for particular fannish or other output: i.e., you will donate some set amount for every fic written with a request given by you, etc. This encourages your contribution, and allows fans who cannot offer money themselves to help in the relief efforts.

  • Offer fannish creations in exchange for donations -- fic, icons, graphics, mood-themes, essays, drabbles, etc.

  • Offer other materials/contributions in exchange for donations: crafts projects, fan materials like comics or DVDs to people who will donate for them, non-fandom icons and graphics, etc.

  • Make a donation directly to charitable organizations: Among other relief organizations, the Red Cross, UNICEF, and other NGO are already helping or rushing to be part of the relief efforts.

  • Urge politicial response by contacting representatives in your countries and areas and ask them to increase aid to this region -- right now the United States has pledged only $100,000, but may be persuaded to donate more as news continues to be updated.

If needed, a master-list of offers to donate as well as offers to create/give in response to donation will be created. Please watch this community for a chance to help.

E.T.A. Any offers should be made as separate posts to the community, rather than in comments. That way, people will see what you are willing to donate or write/make for charity. Thanks!
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