your royal pie-ness (entrenous88) wrote in fandom_charity,
your royal pie-ness

writing offer in exchange for/support of your relief donation

I will write Buffyverse drabbles (100 words) or short fics (1,000 to 2,000 words) in exchange/support of donations made to the relief efforts helping the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia.

I'd ask that you donate $1 per 100 words. So that's $1 per drabble, $10 per 1,000 words, $20 per 2,000 words. The drabble request is flexible -- if you'd like to donate $5, I could write you 5 drabbles with a variety of themes of your choice, or all with a shared pairing or character focus or theme. $10 would get you 10 drabbles, and so on.

Make a request including character-focus and/or pairing, rating, and preferred elements/scenarios. Depending on requests, it may take several weeks for me to complete your fic. One caveat -- no Xander-in-Africa fics. It's a worthwhile subject; I just can't write it.

Additionally, donations in exchange for updates to my WiPs or sequels to completed fics can be negotiated if you would like to request those -- please comment and we'll work out details.

Examples of my writing may be found here.

Please make donations specifically designated for the Indonesia relief efforts to either the International Response Fund of The Red Cross or UNICEF.
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