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Indonesia quake relief

Will make textless icons from images you provide for any fandom. If you can't provide images, I can still do icons for any character(s) from the following:

Doctor Who (2005)
The West Wing (seasons 1-7)
Jeeves & Wooster
Buffy (all seasons)
Millenium (seasons 1, 2)
House (seasons 1 & 2)
Touching Evil (original British, but please specify episode and scene)
Apocalypse Now
The American President

$1 for stills (if you want animated, let's talk about the complexity before setting donations). For examples, here are my icons. Alternately, I can do wallpapers for any of the above shows/movies, or a wallpaper based on images you send me, for $5.

For fic, I can do up to ~500 word stories in the following fandoms (ordered by most comfortable w/canon to least comfortable). Slash, gen, parody, het, whatever, any rating. Going rate of $1/100 words, any characters/pairing/threesome/other unless noted:

The West Wing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though not A:tS
The American President
Doctor Who (any Doctor, but no companions other than Ace and Rose, please - the Master is fair game, though)

Any crossover of the above fandoms is also doable. Haven't actually done Firefly ever, but fic samples for the others:

Buffy: Giles/Oz, adult
West Wing: Gen fic, Ron Butterfield, young adult/teen
American President: AJ/Andy, young teen
West Wing slash: Jed/Leo, young teen
West Wing het: various, teen
House: House/Foreman, adult (short and porn)
House: House/Foreman, teen
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