the perfectionless perfectionist (lily_lovely) wrote in fandom_charity,
the perfectionless perfectionist

Habitat for Humanity, Human Rights Campaign, Kiva, Heifer International

(Just saw this community and thought it was an awesome idea!)

[ETA]: Fixed the links!

I'll offer fic in return for donations to Habitat for Humanity, Human Rights Campaign, Kiva, or Heifer International. I'd definitely recommend Kiva for people who don't really have enough money to donate - it's an organization where you choose a businessperson in a developing company and sponsor or help sponsor a loan. And since it's a loan, you get repaid, so you can lend the money out again! Very cool.

Anyways - I've written Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse fic. I can also write Dr. Horrible or Firefly fic - although I haven't seen Serenity yet, so not that. I haven't written for either of those fandoms before, however.

(And I'm open to pretty much any pairing or prompt or whatever you can throw at me.)

Unfortunately I'm a kind of slow writer, and I'm co-modding an awards site right now, so either you ask for it now and get it later or just come back later and ask. It's all good.

I guess I'll copy someone else and say that each 100 words is $1 more.

I'm open to suggestions if you'd like to suggest other charities or dollar amounts - never done this before.
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