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Haiti Relief Efforts -- Fandom Offers

Here's a preliminary collection of offers to take on challenges for charity targeting the relief efforts to aid the victims devastated by the earthquake and its aftermath in Haiti.

Should there be additional offers, I'll add to this list, so you can bookmark/refresh to see what other fans have offered to create. If warranted, I'll break the list down by types of offer (fic, graphics, crafts, other) and requests to make viewing easier -- otherwise, please check out the more general listing of offers below.

Haiti Relief Offers
adoxerella offers to write fanfic in Angel, Buffy, Torchwood, and Harry Potter fandoms for Red Cross/Doctors Without Borders here.
ghettopeach will write in a variety of fandoms and styles, including such fandoms as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Angel, Buffy, Arrested Development, and How I Met Your Mother, as detailed in this post.
tesla321, for donations to Red Cross or Catholic Charities, will write Bones, X-Files, House, Angel, Buffy, and other fandoms -- see her offer here.
bookishwench offers up Buffy, Lost, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, as well as other fandoms, in this post for dontations to the Red Cross.
cornerofmadness offers primarily canon ships in Star Trek, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Buffy, Angel, NCIS, and other fandoms, as detailed here.

If you have written fic or created graphics or some other shareable-to-LJ materials as part of a challenge for charity, and if the person for whom the materials were created is fine with it, please feel free to share your creations over at fc_creations. For now we ask that you please keep this community as a place for requests/offers only. Additionally, people curious to check out fics/graphics created in response to posts at this community will be able to find them easily at fc_creations rather than overlooking them among the many posts here.

Thank you to everyone offering or extending challenges to help fans contribute to the cause. Please check to make informed decisions about lesser-known charitable organizations before donating your contribution.
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